Changing the lead generation industry

"I started using Followup Edge about 6 months ago, the clients I work with have issues following up with leads.

With Followup Edge we're able to consistently guarantee followup for clients."

"It takes the pressure off them and their teams knowing they have the system in place."

Before working with Followup Edge we tried other systems, but they didn't look real.

Now, it's very simple for us as an agency to implement and onboard clients.

"They've got a great product and it's getting better."

Bref McHugh, Founder @ ClinicGrower

Anthony Morales, Founder @

“I started using FollowUpEdge (FUE) because the Attorneys I work with did not have time to follow up with all the leads. I needed to solve this problem because I had just lost a client who did not retain a single case from my campaign, and in this business that is the death of a digital agency.  The client I lost would call the prospect 1 time and then close them out on their end.  Needless to say - it didn't work.

The next day after using Followup Edge they had so many conversations going that they had to bring in employees from other departments to help with all of the responses.

"They ended up retaining 29 cases over the next few weeks from those leads and hired 3 full time employees to manage the responses from FUE." 

The next month they doubled my retainer, went state wide with their campaign and are now expanding into 3 other states."

So don't ever give up because your improving the lives of people through your work.“

3x client retention (at least)

Help your clients close more deals, they'll stay with you longer.

Using team view, you can instantly see your client's activity, progress, and act as them if needed.

Manage your clients

Add a revenue stream

On the agency plan, we cut your cost by half. You upcharge for the FUE account, your client saves money.

Sell conversations and business - not leads.

Differentiate your agency


Getting Started

Step 1: Setup your campaign

Step 2: Connect your lead source to Zapier

Step 3: Keep track of your leads with 2 way communication

Meet the team

Scottie Schneider -

A full stack developer, service disabled Army veteran and West Point graduate.

Laura Ruano -

A full stack developer, mom of three, customer service maven.